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Sydney's Favourite Trivia Nights is a directory listing of the BEST trivia nights in Greater Sydney...


... as judged by the top trivia hosts and content writers in Sydney. So you won't find any rubbish nights on this site. No boring hosts reading rehashed questions off a sheet in a monotone. No lame trivia games relying on gimmicks to cover up their lack of fun. Only the most awesome of awesome trivia nights around Sydney.


This site is owned by O-vation Music - developers of the Brain Buster Trivia format - and showcases nights both within and outside of the TriviaWorks Alliance of trivia hosts. Some of these nights are ours, most of them are nights run by our esteemed colleagues at other companies that we particularly enjoy. Big Screen Brain Buster Trivia nights are labelled in the directory with the Brain Buster icon, and, in our completely objective and non-biased view* these are some of the most incredibly awesome nights of pub and club trivia ever created.


Brain Buster Trivia Big Screen Multimedia Video Trivia


* Seriously, these nights are awesome.

** We may not actually be completely objective and non-biased.


So if you're a trivia host, or a venue manager, you can add your quiz to our database, or find out about joining the TriviaWorks network. That's right - you could have your very own Brain Buster Trivia events! If you're raising money by running a time-tested thought thwarting trivia night, you can list your event on our Fundraising page - absolutely free. Your listing is sponsored by O-vation Fundraising - and, if you need the help, we can help you to develop your donor relationships, promote your event, and ensure everybody has a fun and enjoyable night.


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